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custom glass bar shelves rockwall txLooking to add storage space, or show off your great collectibles, but want to give it a special touch? Custom glass shelving may be the answer you’re looking for. Glass shelves let light shine through, and can compliment the decor in any home. Glass shelving is also  easy to clean and they are durable enough to last a lifetime. The glass experts at S & D Glass have been creating custom glass shelves in the Rockwall area for over 15 years.

Living room and entry way glass shelving

Your living room and entry way give a big impression of your home.  There are many creative ways to use glass shelves built in to the walls to add additional storage with flair.  Glass shelves allow your collectibles be a centerpiece in the room. This type of shelving allows the objects resting on them to catch people’s eye without interfering with their beauty. If it’s worth collecting, it’s worth putting them on glass shelves!

Bathroom glass shelves

The different ways to use glass shelves in the bathroom are limitless. You can use corner glass shelves that can be added inside a  shower to store your soaps and shampoo.  They are great in a shower because they are mold and mildew resistant, and are very easy to clean.

Want more storage space above a tub or next to the vanity? Glass shelves are great to provide more space for towels, or other toiletries without blocking light. We can fit glass shelves anywhere you might need additional storage or want to place. Because moisture has no effect them, glass shelves are perfect for bathrooms where this a lot of moisture in the air.

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